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The Home Is Designed Around Emotional Needs. ~Amanda Talbot

Isn’t this quote the truth?! I feel that my previous background in social work really helps me tune in to people’s emotional needs and translate that into a design that brings comfort to their surroundings and feeds their soul. Understanding how color, texture, lighting and space makes you FEEL is so important. Do you agree? I love how walking into a well designed room makes me FEEL. It’s all about the “feels” for me.

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Top 10 Houseplants That Thrive In The Winter!

In Colorado our winter will last through March and part of April. It starts to feel like Spring will never come! I always feel like bringing some of the outdoors inside, with houseplants and beautiful blooms, helps to make it feel like Spring is within reach! Here are 10 winter houseplants that won’t disappoint!

Drafty Rooms:
Moss Terrarium- does well in a drafty room Jade Plant, Christmas Cactus

Dry, Arid climates:
Fiddle Fig plants, succulents, snake plants, Aloe eVera plants,

Adaptable and do not require direct light:
ZZ plant, Pothos plant,

Cyclamen- blooms Dec through April. Fragrant blooms resembling a heart shaped. Great for Valentine’s Day!
Desert Rose- beautiful blooms,
African Violets, Rosemary- fragrant and easily found at big box stores during the holidays.

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Fabric Remnant to Wall Art DIY

I fell in love with this piece of linen fabric and immediately saw a masterpiece of artistry in the block print pattern. I decided to frame it. I purchased a poster frame (yes, that lovely gold frame is actually a poster frame from Target) and used Velcro tabs to adhere the linen fabric to a piece of plain white fabric, then I framed it with the gold frame. What do you think? Can a gorgeous fabric remnant become a beautiful piece of wall art? I think so!

The original piece of fabric