The Process



We will meet with you at your home for a thorough consultation to discuss your renovation goals. At this time we will look at the space(s) to be designed and take photographs and measurements. We will ascertain style preferences, options, budget, time frame estimates and other project needs. We will have a good feel for your individual style and your vision by the end of this meeting. At the conclusion of our consultations you will feel assured of our process and know what to expect in terms of scope and fees.



Whatever the size and scope of your project, this is the stage in which we share our design ideas. Using inspiration images, design boards and sketches, we will present you with a detailed plan for making your design goals a reality. For the execution of your construction plan, we interview builders and contractors on your behalf. We help to make sure you select the perfect team for your project.



After the overall design has been fully realized, begin the process of ordering new furnishings, finishes, fixtures, and accessories for your home. During renovations, we regularly conduct site visits and collaborate with the contractor to ensure cohesion. We share progress with you as the project hums along, keeping lines of communication open. At the completion of construction, our interior design team takes the lead and will install all the elements that will make your house feel like your home.



The “Design Day” is an exciting day when all the pieces of our journey come together. We like to surprise our clients with the final reveal. We respectfully ask that homeowners are not present during the implementation of the final touches so they can experience the full effect of the final reveal.

“Understanding the person or people living in a home is a far greater need in design than focusing purely on the aesthetics. The home is designed around emotional needs.”

Charlotte Moss