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I am loving the color pallet we created for a new client. They wanted warm earth tones and their personal style is a blend of traditional and rustic. We are going to give their “sheet-rock fireplace” (you read that right, the entire fireplace is orange-peel textured sheetrock) an entire makeover. We will add stone and a beautiful wood mantle, a built-in cabinet beside it with floating wood shelves to match the mantle….and more! Then we will completely refurnish the family room to create a “Colorado Retreat” that’s cozy for family and kids and also inviting for guests when they entertain. The challenge will be (and there is always a challenge to every project😊) incorporating the existing wood tones and countertops in the adjoining kitchen. It’s important that the new feature-wall/fireplace does NOT look like an afterthought. It needs to feel like it has always been part of the home. The home has a wonderful open concept, high ceilings and lots of natural light from big windows all around the East side of the home. So much potential! I can’t wait to get started! Stay tuned to view design boards with ideas and inspiration and photos of our progress moving forward.
Before: This is the “Sheetrock Fireplace” that will get an entire overhaul.

Before: Huge widows with lots of natural light. They will be getting new window coverings and custom blinds.

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